Syarat Masuk PT GNI, Lamaran Kerja Dikirim Lewat Disnaker Pemda Morowali Utara - PT GNI

PT GNI Entry Requirements, Job Applications Submitted Through the Departement Labor of the North Morowali Regional Government

PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), a nickel smelter company located in North Morowali, Central Sulawesi, requires thousands of expert and non-expert workers.

Therefore, job seekers who are interested in joining the GNI Nickel smelter company can submit a job application through the Departement Labor and Transmigration of the North Morowali Regional Government.

According to the Acting Chief of the Morut Regional Government's Labor and Transmigration Service, Muh Suting, SPd.MM, the results of the collaboration between PT GNI and the Morut Regional Government for recruiting labor files applying to PT GNI will go through the Morut Regional Labor Office.

"The applicant's files will be verified by a Morut Labor and Transmigration Service team before being submitted to PT GNI HRD. So our job is only to verify the job seeker's file. Those who are entitled to accept job applications are the management of PT GNI," said Muh Suting to Metrosulteng, Monday (11/4).

For files or documents that need to be prepared by job seekers are job application letters, curriculum vitae, photocopies of ID cards and family certificates, photocopies of diplomas and transcripts that have been legalized, work experience letters, four pieces of 3 x 4 passport photos, NPWP card and Vaccine card. Don't forget to include your phone number (Mobile Phone).

While the requirements for job seekers are 18-35 years old, a minimum education of junior high school, honest and responsible discipline, being able to work in a team, being able to work under pressure, and having an excellent medical history. It is required to have a job seeker card issued by the Labor and Transmigration Office.

Suting added that job seekers outside the North Morowali area can send their application to the North Morowali Labor and Transmigration Office at Jalan Tarundungi no 4, Kolonodale Village, Petasia District, North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi or can be delivered directly to the Morut Labor and Transmigration Office.

"If there are shortage of files that job seekers send, we will contact them via job seeker's mobile phone number," he explained.

He added, a white card or job seeker card for those who are outside the area, simply take it to the origin area. Later, the North Morowali Labor Office officer will help replace the AK 1 card or job seeker card from the origin area with the AK 1 card of the North Morowali Regional Government.

So every week after verification, the Morut Labor Office submits the job seeker file to PT GNI management in Bunta Village, East Petasia District.

Keep in mind that there are no job seekers who will be made complicated and all free without any fees.

During the recruitment of PT GNI workers, which was opened from January 21, 2022 to April 8, 2022, more than 5000 job application files were submitted to the Morut Labor Office.

The cooperation in recruiting workers at PT GNI and the Morut Regional Labor Office itself will end on April 21, 2022. It may or may not be extended depending on PT GNI.

Finally, PT GNI currently requires non-skilled workers such as drivers, cooks, building workers, warehouses, logistics, and others to support the smelter construction.

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