Rekrutmen Juni Butuh 3.600 Tenaga Kerja, PT GNI Tegaskan Warga Lokal Prioritas - PT GNI

June Recruitment Needs 3,600 Workers, PT GNI Affirms Priority Local Residents

PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), a nickel mining company, which invested in Bunta Village, East Petasia District, North Morowali Regency (Morut), is currently conducting massive recruitment of Labor.

Within the next two weeks, 1,600 new staff are expected to join.

Then in June 2022, labor recruitment will reach 3,600 people.

This was emphasized by Mr. Jiang Chao, representing the owner of PT GNI Tony Zhou Yuan, to the Regent of Morut, Dr Delis Julkarson Hehi MARS, at Rujab, the Regent of Morut, Tuesday (22/02/2022).

"From some labor that will be accepted later, we will continue to prioritize local labor in this area," explained Jiang Chao, who was accompanied by his spokesman, Mr. Lim Djung Men.

At the meeting, the Head of Morut Labor and Transmigration Office, Muhamad Suting, accompanied by his staff, Alka Christo Posawa.

Jiang Chao said that the commitment to prioritize local labor is clear evidence that the company fully supports the Morut Regional Government's policy in opening the widest possible job opportunities for people in this area.

"This is part of our contribution because we have allowed investing in this area," he said.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Delis J Hehi was very grateful for the openness and cooperation of PT GNI.

He admitted that the commitment conveyed by Mr. Jiang to prioritize local labor was a continuation of several previous meetings.

"PT GNI, has previously conveyed this to us. They even openly stated that they would recruit 3,600 local labor until June 2022," said the 2014-2019 DPD RI Member.

Just to note, in addition to discussing the problem of TK recruitment, it also discussed dealing with flooding problems in the residential area of Bunta residents by opening and expanding the Lampi river canal.

GNI is willing to prepare heavy equipment and operators to help open the river canal, which the community regularly complains.

The Regent asked the Head of Natural Resources of the Morut PUPR Service, Delfia Parenta, to immediately make it happen. (NAL) (NAL)

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