PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry Kabupaten Morowali Utara Akan Rekrut 3.600 Tenaga Kerja - PT GNI

PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry North Morowali Regency Will Recruit 3,600 Workers

PT. Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) will prioritize residents from North Morowali (Morut) in recruiting 3,600 workers who work at the nickel smelter company.

1,600 newly hired personnel might begin working for the business, which has its headquarters in Bunta Village, East Petasia District, within the next two weeks, according to representatives of PT GNI Leadership Jiang Chao.

"And until June 2022, up to 3,600 workers will be recruited. From the number of workers who will be accepted, we prioritize local workers. This is our commitment,” said Chao during a dialogue with the Regent of Morut Delis Julkarson Hehi at the Regent’s Office of Morut, Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

Chao stated that the commitment to prioritize local workers is proof that PT. GNI fully supports the district government's policy of opening the widest possible job opportunities, especially for residents from North Morowali.

North Morowali Regent Delis Julkarson Hehi, in the dialogue, thanked PT. GNI in opening job opportunities for Central Sulawesi residents, especially those from the local area.

He acknowledged the commitment conveyed by PT. GNI to prioritize regional workers is a continuation of several previous meetings.

“They (PT. GNI) have conveyed this, and even they openly stated that they would accept up to 3,600 employees by June. Of course, a qualified workforce," he said.

In the dialogue, the Regency Government and PT GNI also discussed how to overcome the flooding problem in the residential area of Bunta Village, which is the location of PT. GNI dredged nickel by opening and expanding the Sungai Lampi canal.

PT GNI is willing to prepare heavy equipment and operators to help open river canals, which local people always complain about.

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