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PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry Holds Several Activities on International Labor Day

NORTH MOROWALI – PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) held several activities commemorating International Labor Day or May Day 2022 in the company.

PT. GNI enlivened May Day by holding several activities such as dancing Mori, Nusantara dances, reading collaborative poetry between foreign workers and Indonesian workers, and awarding certificates to the best employees were held on Sunday (1/5/2022).

Deputy Head of GNI Corporate Projects Mr. Qian Weiming conveyed that the May Day commemoration was packed with a family atmosphere to increase companionship among workers in the nickel smelter. This activity is also a form of respect and appreciation for the workers who are the main drivers of the operation of the nickel processing area.

"Since the establishment of PT GNI in North Morowali Regency, the company has continued to contribute to the local government in the fields of economic development and social development, as well as providing jobs for local residents, and continues to improve the company's development concept," said Mr. Qian in his speech.

He said, GNI is committed to contributing to improving the welfare of local Indonesians, especially North Morowali. Over the past few years, the company has provided 7,319 local residents with job opportunities. At the same time, the company has also conducted training programs by facilitating a teacher needed by Indonesian employees and providing a good platform for employees to gain broader insights and much more skills.

"The development of this industrial area has been successfully achieved due to every Indonesian employee's hard work and efforts. They have a high spirit, high sense of responsibility in every job position, loyal to their duties, and willing to be dedicated," he said.

Mr. Qian said that various GNI projects are running smoothly. Currently, as many as 600 Indonesian employees are in charge of each department of the GNI company, with the position of supervisor and level above.

“They have made an important contribution to the company's development. It proves that Indonesian employees and companies are an interconnected entity, their persistence, and love for the company, so they deserve to be trusted employees," he said.

Meanwhile, North Morowali Regent, represented by Assistant 1 Setdakab Viktor Tamehi stated that partnership between the business world, such as the GNI industrial area and good local workers, would have a favorable effect on enhancing worker wellbeing.

Commemoration of International Labor Day since May 1, 1890, is always celebrated yearly.

“Its essence has a profound meaning for all workers, namely to provide lessons and a fighting spirit. It is very valuable for all workers to be able to face changes and challenges, at the national, regional, and global levels,” he explained.

Next, PT GNI gave certificates of appreciation to the 12 best coordinators represented by Mr. Doly, then awarded certificates to the 124 best female employees in all divisions and departments, which were handed over directly by the GNI Deputy Head of Enterprise Projects Mr. Qian Weiming and GNI Deputy General Manager of Production Mr. Bai Sen

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